Since childhood, Sam has always loved being in the outdoors. Sam’s mother always instilled a love and passion for the outdoors wherever they lived. Whether it was camping and exploring in rural Virginia as a young girl to canoeing, hiking and camping in the beautiful Boundary Waters of northern Minnesota as a teenager. As an adult, Sam continued her love and passion for the outdoors while serving her country for a combined 23 years in Military and Law Enforcement. Her service in the military gave her the opportunity to continue her love for adventure and the outdoors while serving abroad.

In 2010, Sam met her wife Lisa, who became her number one adventure partner. Over the years, Lisa and Sam have traveled the country together hiking, biking, camping, and backpacking in some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the US. In 2020, they moved to the Verde Valley of northern Arizona. They decided to take their passion and love for the outdoors to next level and start Adventure Outdoors USA in September of 2022. With a passion for training and educating people about how to access all the benefits that being in nature has to offer; they created a company that not only provides that but so much more.


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